The Best Caribbean Island

You work way too hard and it´s time you treated yourself to an exotic vacation. You probably don´t realise it,Guest Posting but you don´t need to spend an absolute fortune to enjoy the best Caribbean island vacation out there. There is a cheap Caribbean island holiday option which the majority of tourists have never heard of. Known as the ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’, Margarita Island is a small Venezuelan island about 20 miles off Venezuela´s coast.

Many Caribbean destinations are expensive, financially putting them out of reach of the average tourist. First you must get yourself to the destination (which can be costly depending on what part of the world you live in), then you must fork out your hard earned cash for the hotel accommodation. As of writing (October 2015) Venezuela is suffering from a huge economic crisis, which has affected the local currency against the greenback and Euro. Foreign tourists can change Euros or Scuba diving Komodo US dollars and receive huge amounts of Venezuelan currency. With such an incredible exchange rate, tourists and travellers from all walks of life can enjoy the best Caribbean island holiday for next to nothing!

The tropical climate which Margarita Island offers its visitors is truly amazing. This Caribbean island for vacation has year round sunshine and unbelievable sea water temperatures. As I have personally experienced, you will find it difficult to remove yourself from the warm, calm, shallow waters of the island. If lazing around in the beautiful Caribbean sunshine isn´t your thing, the island offers its guests a plethora of sports, activities and places of interest.

Margarita Island has almost every aquatic activity you could want in regards to the best Caribbean island vacation being offered. You can enjoy kayaking, wind surfing, snorkeling, jet skiing, kite boarding, surfing and heaps more. If you prefer terra firma, then you can participate in horse riding, sight seeing tours, jeep adventures or just hit the gym or play a round of golf. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Margarita Island is easily accessible from many countries of the world, especially from the United States (3 hour flight from Miami). Once you fly into the capital city of Caracas, you can take a domestic flight to the island. Best to arrange a connecting flight so you don´t need to stay overnight in Caracas, which can be complicated.