Peru Travel Tips: Why to take a Bus for your Travel in Peru


With four distinct terrains,Peru Travel Tips: Why to take a Bus for your Travel in Peru Articles Peru offers a variety of scenery, with mountains, deserts, beaches, and jungle you can see it all during your travel. The perfect way to experience the country’s diversity is by traveling through the country on land. Though most travelers use air travel in Peru as domestic flights cut down significantly on travel time, traveling by bus is another great option. There are many benefits to bus travel throughout Peru from being cost effective to allowing you to see the variety of scenery Peru has to offer, travel by bus during your trip to Peru.

Bus travel throughout South Peru Travel Agency America is common, particularly in Peru. There are many misconceptions that travelers often have about bus travel, however often times those who choose to travel by bus are often pleasantly surprised. Providing a variety of differnt routes throughout Peru from Nazca to Arequipa or Lima to Cusco, among the hundreds of others, you can pretty much arrive anywhere by bus. Buses leave at various times, from night bus routes, full day routes, or buses that leave multiple times throughout the day you can often find transportation that is sure to fit you Peru travel plans.

There are a variety of different levels of bus travel all depending on the bus line and your destination. To more popular destinations such as Cusco and Machu Picchu you can find buses that will have seats that recline a full 180 degrees, often referred to as “cama-cama,” other options include semi-cama and standard. The longer rides buses will often provide you with blankets, movies for entertainment, and a meal or snack, making for a pretty comfortable ride! Another great benefit is the price, often significantly cheaper than flying; taking a bus to your destination will help keep your budget intact.

Though the above reasons for bus travel are reason enough, the most important reason to use buses to travel in Peru is the fact you will see more of the country’s landscapes that others miss out on when flying. Lush green valleys, mountain views, and ocean waves are just a few of the things you can possibly see when peaking out your window on the way to your destination. If you happen to get to choose your seat on the bus, be sure to choose the top floor in the front seat, where you will have a huge glass window perfect for peering out and enjoying the beautiful scenery passing you by.

Take the time to include bus travel to some of the destinations in your Peru travel itinerary to see some of the beautiful scenery Peru offers as well as possibly save some money to spend on souvenirs to take home!