Network Marketing Education For Online Network Marketing

Network Marketing Education has never been better catered for… than what it is today. Could it be because this new model of networking works! It all points in one direction… towards internet! What is available today has a strong focus on the success of network marketers.

Why Has Online Network Marketing Education Become Necessary?

To answer the above question about network marketing education,Guest Posting you have to first answer… “why has network marketing gone online?” The answer to that is simply in that a better way of doing business for the networkers has involved by using the internet and new Web 2.0 technology!

No doubt this is better for members and what is better for members should be better for the network marketing companies. However they are a little slow to see that and are generally standing back. Some companies are trying to encourage successful online members to teach other members… how they achieved their success. This is good and network marketing education will keep growing this way… led by members!

The fact is that ‘old model mlm’ does not work for the majority of members… Fullstop! The internet has shown this new better way of connecting with large numbers of people through social media and content information. The internet itself has taken some time to mature to the point where it better provides internet searchers with what they are searching for… real search-relevant information. Combine that with the social networking revolution that is drawing people away from their TV sets and you have the perfect reason for the growth of online network marketing and therefore huge scope for good network marketing education… in a system they potentially can work for everyone!

An Online Presence: Website or Blog?

Before you get into a social media frenzy… you need to select a place for your content marketing information. All those social media contacts want to see good content information on you and on your business… in your own words. The choice of using a content website or blog is a personal decision. If you believe you can write 30 or more pages of content… you should lean towards a website. If not… go for a blog or several blogs. Either way… you’ll learn how to back them up and link with other content marketing methods.

Would you simply operate with your ‘replicated website’ from your NWM company? No Way… Absolutely Not! Replicated websites are for company promotion on the company’s name, products and vision. You have to unlearn company tactics and learn through online network marketing education that success online is about You!

You need to have your own website business! From this website you market online network marketing… without using your company’s registered name and product tradenames. In effect you will have a ‘generic’ website. You do not want to give ownership of your website to your NWM company. Which is what happens by default, when you accept the company’s permission to use their name. It basically means that you can’t market any other product and for legal reasons… the company wants a say in what you write in your content.

That does not work in online network marketing. Through current network marketing education that becomes obvious! You’ll see… to be an online success… you’ll need to have multi-streams of income from your website business. It’s a change of mindset!

What Multi-Streams Of Income

In your ‘generic’ website business you can generate income in addition to your network marketing income from various sources. The network marketing education coming from top online networkers… points to this being ‘key’ to having a successful website business! Ann Sieg, Mike Dillard and Mike Klingler are pioneers in online network marketing. Their teaching is that your network marketing is part of your website business… a big part… but still… part!

This means that you want to market products to your site-visitors that are useful to them and boost your income. There are many e-products that people will buy for information and use in their business. The affiliate marketing companies and individuals with affiliate programs have thousands of products available to market. With a little experience you can sort out those programs that your site-visitors like and also pay well. However, the emphasis should be on what the site visitors want. That policy will serve you well! An exceptional course on affiliate marketing training is available, but most people are self-taught.

Another income source are ‘referrals,’ where you promote someone else’s product and link your site-visitors to their site. You would probably only do this when you have a large number of site-visitors. Also you can sell advertising space to marketing groups. Many people use Google Ads on their site to generate passive income. Always remember that the income you get from this source is relative to your number of site visitors. Another income source for many marketers is your own product or ebook. All these income sources go towards your online success in conjunction with your network marketing.

Understanding this is vital in network marketing education. Early networkers (myself included)who went online to promote network marketing products… did not understand the value in having multi-streams of income. That is more so today becauseĀ of the huge numbers of site-visitors you can get to your site via social networking.

Network Marketing Education For Social Media

‘How to’ information on the use of social media tools is vital network marketing education! The very best available training on most of these social interactive methods… as well as content marketing methods is through click-by-click style video training. Having two screens open on your computer… allows you to pause the training video and go ahead and do what you have just learned. This technique is assisting thousands of online business operators. They are able to get up and get into action much quicker than otherwise!

Click-by-click training is available on how to use Twitter, Facebook, Digg, other bookmarking sites, video marketing, writing Squidoo Lenses, Hubpages, and article writing. Also writing a content website and more. No network marketing education will tell you that you can succeed online with just the social interactive methods. You need them combined with content marketing methods. Having real relevant information for your social contacts to learn a little about you and to learn about your business is essential.